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Hi, my name is Marty and I am a passionate Adobe Acrobat design forms developer specializing in fillable, interactive PDF forms with above-average proficiency in Acrobat Javascript properties and methods. In retrospect, I have been using Adobe Acrobat to create fillable interactive PDF forms from scratch in addition to converting MS Word, Excel, Jpeg images, and other proprietary software application formats to PDF since Acrobat first debuted in 1993. I also designed and developed a date picker aka EzDatePicker for Acrobat back in 2006 long before Adobe created/added their date picker with the debut of Acrobat DC. I should also add that while my initial idea for a date picker was motivated by a need at the time, the mere idea of developing a date picker for Acrobat using Javascript back then was not well received by the Adobe Community whereby the majority believed developing a date picker in Javascript to be an exercise in futility. Fortunately, I didn't take heed of all the negative replies and EZDatePicker was born shortly thereafter and within months converted into an Acrobat plugin. Although I eventually decided to pull my date picker off the market once Adobe added their own, EzDatePicker provided more visual appeal, features, and easily outperformed that provided by Adobe. In addition to having developed a date picker for Acrobat years ago, I take pride in my ability to design and develop fillable, interactive PDF forms from scratch providing Javascript enhanced form features that take advantage of what today's PDF digital forms technology has to offer to automate the completion of an interactive PDF form in a fraction of the time to which many are accustomed without sacrificing the quality of results provided. I also possess an uncanny ability to virtually transform any legible scanned paper or static form into an interactive PDF form with all the bells and whistles available to simplify and expedite the completion of a fillable PDF form using the free Adobe Reader to help increase productivity and improve workflow. Last but not least, I make a habit to keep abreast of up and coming methods intended to help further improve PDF digital forms technology in the workplace.


What I Offer

Form Design & Development

  • Create a new form design/layout consisting of graphics and text
  • Modify an existing form design/layout consisting of graphics and text
  • Convert a paper document/form into a static (read-only) or dynamic (editable) PDF form
  • Convert an electronic form created in a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation or other computer software application into a static (read-only) or dynamic (editable) PDF form

Multi-page PDF Forms & eBooks

  • Combine multiple files into a single PDF file complete with bookmarks, form fields, and custom scripts
  • Convert an eBook from its native file format created in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other similar computer software application to PDF
  • Edit text and graphics of an eBook provided in PDF

EasyPDF™ Forms

In brief, EasyPDF™ forms are interactive PDF forms consisting of form fields and scripts designed to take advantage of properties and methods made available in Acrobat to automate the completion of an interactive PDF form in record time using the Free Adobe Reader. An EasyPDF™ form can be designed from scratch or converted from an existing document/form including modifications to design, layout, text, and graphics deemed necessary for conversion to an EasyPDF form.

Folder Level Scripts & Commands

Automate tasks to improve performance, efficiency, and consistency, and eliminate errors in the process using a toolbar button or menu item to complete a task in one go including but not limited to:

  • Reset form (clear all data)
  • Enable/disable auto calculations
  • Enable/disable editable form fields
  • Enable/disable 'Highlight Fields'
  • Auto generate line items
  • Auto populate form fields using popup menu items to expedite data entry with little to no typing
  • Customize/modify popup menus and drop-down lists on-the-fly
  • And more...

Industries Served

Industries served in the private/public business sectors include but are not limited to:

  • Building
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Fitness
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Law Enforcement
  • And more...

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Before You Buy

If you are currently using forms technology spending countless hours filling in forms by hand, I remain confident that once you have had an opportunity to preview an EasyPDF™ Form, you will kick yourself for not having done so sooner. In reality you have absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose given the opportunity to preview an EasyPDF™ Form solution designed to best serve your needs. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the solution provided, you are under no obligation to purchase. To learn how an EasyPDF™ Form can best serve your needs, please take a moment to complete & submit the contact email form provided elsewhere on this site.


EasyPDF™ Forms

Note: EasyPDF demo forms require Adobe Reader version X or higher to open and preview all form features provided. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader 'Click Here'

Contractor Estimate Worksheet Form

Contractor Estimate Worksheet

EasyPDF™ Form

Certificate of Liability Insurance Form

Certificate of Insurance

EasyPDF™ Form

Fire Sprinkler Order Form

Dry Sprinkler Order Form

EasyPDF™  Form

Fire Sprinkler Survey Inspection Form

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Survey

EasyPDF™ Form

Contractor Proposal Form

Contractor Proposal Form

EasyPDF™ Form

Service Invoice Form

Service Invoice

EasyPDF™ Form

Contractor Change Order Form

Contractor Change Order Form

EasyPDF™ Form

Letter of Transmittal

Letter of Transmittal

EasyPDF™ Form

Low Slope Roof Inspection Form

Low Slope Roof Inspection Form

EasyPDF™ Form

Contractor Sworn Statement

Contractor Sworn Statement

EasyPDF™ Form

F.O.I.A. Request Form

F.O.I.A. Request Form

EasyPDF™ Conversion Form


What people are saying about EasyPDF™ Forms

Getting people to change their old & costly habits is difficult. Marty took an old, static, manual form we used for years and created an interactive PDF form that is saving time, paper, frustration and ultimately MONEY. I have multiple customers ordering out of multiple branches using the form and everyone loves it!! I look forward to working with Marty on future opportunities to streamline our customer service and add to our bottom line.

Andy Waterman

Inside Sales Section Leader
Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
March 12, 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

  • In its simplest terms, a static PDF form is essentially a read-only form whereas a dynamic PDF form denotes a fillable, interactive PDF form consisting of a number of form fields for entering data using a PDF application like Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader.

  • In simplest terms, an eForm (electronic form) is a computer program version of a paper form designed to capture, validate, and submit data in forms processing. For those unfamiliar, a PDF form is essentially an eForm.

  • An EasyPDF™ form refers to an electronic PDF form designed and developed in Acrobat complete with form fields, Javascript properties, methods, and scripts added to a former static PDF form including all/any modifications made thereto to accommodate the addition of form fields, Javascript properties, methods, and scripts for the expressed purpose of creating a fillable interactive PDF form to be completed in record time using the free Adobe Reader on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The PDF form also includes an electronic signature provision if/when required for adding a digital signature to the document/form acceptable in a court of law whereby it should be noted that adding a digital signature can be made to render an EasyPDF form read-only thereby preventing anyone from making further changes to the form if and when the need should arise before sending the document to a recipient in an email file attachment.

  • While the answer to this question should be obvious to most anyone who has ever used a properly designed/developed interactive PDF form, for those unfamiliar, the single biggest advantage to be gained using a fillable interactive PDF form is a dramatic increase in productivity to help improve work flow. It also stands to reason that any time you can finish a work related task in less time than anticipated without sacrificing quality, you can then tend to other important personal/business tasks sooner than usual.

    • Time saved by not having to fill-out and process paper forms by hand not to mention eliminating errors attributed to double-data entry no longer required to duplicate data already entered from a paper form to a computer.
    • Eliminate time wasted/spent on the phone with clients/customers in attempting to read/decipher illegible hand written application, order, medical, insurance, claim forms, etc.
    • Eliminate having to download static forms in PDF format created in MS Word, Excel, or other software application only to print a hard copy to be filled out by hand then faxed, mailed, or delivered in person.
    • Prevent/discourage customers from using their own purchase order forms for ordering products or services you provide.
    • Eliminate time on the phone fielding questions from customers due to illegible, sloppy, hand written forms and facsimiles that serve to increase the likelihood of errors.
    • Eliminate the need to print a hard copy of an interactive PDF form (designed to be completed on a computer) in order to sign a document/form by hand before sending it via fax, U.S. mail, or scanning to restore the document or form to its original format to send it in an email file attachment. How lame is that?
    • Easily add a digital signature to an interactive PDF form on a computer using the free Adobe Reader thereby eliminating the need to print a hard copy to sign by hand.
    • Convert an interactive PDF form to a static/read-only PDF form when adding a digital signature to the form using the free Adobe Reader (Note: acts to prevent further changes to the form if/when submitted in an email file attachment).
    • Allow customers, company personnel and others the ability to quickly and easily complete and save changes to a form in a fraction of the time to which they're accustomed using the Free Adobe Reader on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  • In short, No. To begin, what's least understood is that not all interactive PDF forms are easily viewed and filled in on a mobile device due to reasons known to result in a poor UX in attempting to view and complete a fillable form in record time on a mobile device. In reality, forms specifically designed and intended for mobile devices need to be short, brief, easy to view and navigate with a minimum of scrolling and jumping from display to display to prevent taking forever to fill-in and complete. Suffice it to say that EasyPDF™ Forms are designed/intended for forms better viewed on a desktop/laptop computer to begin with. Moreover, EasyPDF™ form features are only supported/functional on a Windows 10 desktop/laptop or comparable Mac computer running Adobe Reader version X or higher. It should also be stated that Adobe Reader for mobile devices doesn't support Javascript form features provided by EasyPDF™ Forms as this requires Adobe Reader version X or higher running on a Windows 10 platform or MAC computer as already cited herein.

  • In brief, electronic or eSignatures represent a broad category of methods for signing a document. According to Wikipedia, an electronic or e-signature refers to data in electronic form logically associated with other data in electronic form used by the signatory to sign a document/form that provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature as long as it adheres to the requirements of the specific regulation under which it was created. According to pandadoc.com, electronic or eSignatures are virtual representations of a wet-signature, one a signer would create with a pen and paper. Similar to the wet-signature, eSignatures are used to identify signers and signify that they agree to the terms outlined above the signature line (Also see 'What is a digital signature').

  • To once again quote panddoc.com, a digital signature is a type of electronic signature with an algorithm that encrypts the signature to generate a unique digital certificate containing invisible digital codes that make tampering and duplication practically impossible for hackers. Moreover, according to consensus, electronic signatures are more secure than their handwritten predecessors.

  • Whether designed from scratch or converted to an EasyPDF™ form, if/when a signature is required, a signature field will be provided for your convenience. To create/add a digital signature to an EasyPDF™ form using Adobe Reader, simply click the signature field provided to open and display a window that allows you to choose/configure a new digital ID. If you don't already have a digital ID, select 'Configure New Digital ID' then follow the prompts to create and add a digital signature to the form otherwise select your digital ID from that shown in the window and click continue to follow the prompts for adding your digital signature to the form. (Note: Once assigned, a digital signature renders an EasyPDF™ form read-only in which event only the person who added the digital ID can clear it from the form using the computer in which it was applied for restoring the form to its previous editable state).

  • Yes, electronic signatures are valid in all U.S. states and are granted the same legal status as handwritten signatures under state laws. ... Only three states (New York, Illinois and Washington) maintain their own independently developed laws, but all of them are consistent with Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

  • In short, convenience, expediency and security. Convenience and expediency simply because a digital signature added to a computer generated document/form typically takes less than a minute to complete as opposed to having to print a hard copy to accommodate a handwritten signature and then scan the document back into its original electronic format to send in an email file attachment, a facsimile, or USPS. Security given that electronic signatures—as stated in a previous FAQ—are considered to be more secure than their handwritten predecessors.

  • Form fields include check boxes, text fields, button fields, list boxes, drop-down lists, etc. as provided in the Javascript™ for Acrobat API Reference whereby number and type of form fields vary depending on the design, graphics, layout, and purpose for which the form is intended. This being the case each and every EasyPDF™ form is unique and as such designed/developed on an individual basis to determine the number and type of form fields that work best to create an expedient, convenient, and reliable eform for use in the Free Adobe Reader.

  • Apart from a main Javascript driven popup menu containing a number of menu items generic to an EasyPDF™ form, any other Javascript form feature enhancements provided serve to satisfy a specific need unfulfilled by the popup menu. Once again the number and type of scripts can vary considerably whereby each and every EasyPDF™ form is designed and developed on an individual basis to determine scripts deemed necessary that work best to allow one to complete the form in record time using the free Adobe Reader without experiencing any issues.

  • Regardless of format, the document/form submitted needs to be legible and provide equal, squared-off, and parallel margins. Moreover, all/any modifications to the original design, layout, text and graphics as may be required to accommodate conversion to an EasyPDF™ form may/may not be able to be provided without the original document or form and/or software application in which the form was created.

  • Regarding 'Can PDFs contain viruses', the answer is a resounding 'Yes'. However, according to general consensus a PDF that contains a virus normally needs to be opened in an application like Adobe Reader/Acrobat with Javascript enabled—normally recommended to prevent reduced functionality in using an interactive PDF form—in order for a virus to take hold and replicate. To prevent this from happening, a PDF should first and foremost be checked for potential viruses/malware using an anti-virus software application like Windows Defender along with a reliable anti-malware program like Malwarebytes once the PDF has been downloaded and saved to your computer.


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Whatever your form needs, I'm here to help you succeed in achieving a streamlined electronic PDF design forms strategy guaranteed to significantly increase productivity and improve workflow in the workplace for those who continue to rely on dated forms technology. To learn more about state of the art PDF design forms technology and what it can do for you, please take a moment to complete and submit the contact email form provided below.


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